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January 05, 2010


Ed Campbell

In your last picture of Lueven, above the lamp post, there looks to be an upside down cricket! Am I seeing things?
Wish I could be there.



Hey Ed!

You are correct - there is an upside down cricket in the photo! Strange. I didn't notice it until you pointed it out. Great to hear from you - hope you are doing well.



I like the Irish twist to the bottle of Canadian syrup!

geert dehuvyne

Hi Vicky

the statue in the first picture
is the monument fot the citizens from leuven fallen in WWI and WWII

The "beetle on the needle" was given to Leuven by the KUL for the
University's 575 birthday. The artist, Jan Fabre, has always been obsessed by bugs and insects. For example, aside from the needle artwork, he also covered
the ceiling of the royal palace's "mirror room" with thousands of beetles
painted in green.

If you look closely, you'll notice it's really a 400x enlarged version
of a needle (23 m high) on which the (3 m) beetle is stuck. The needle
itself "sticks" in the blue sky.

Several explanations exist:
- It represents the insect collection the artist made in childhood.
- It is a symbol of science and knowledge, thus representing the
- "Insect collection" as in "book collection" (of the library.)
- the beetle is a species that already exists 400 million years, so its
"memory of nature" clearly outspans man's "memory through book
printing" -
the library again.

the library is the building in the background





Wow - thanks Geert for all the useful information about the buildings in my photos. Very interesting about the "beetle on the needle".


I will go look for that beetle next time I am in Leuven

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